Saturday, 12 May 2012

In Loco Parentis by Nigel Bird

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I'm hugely excited to discover that Nigel Bird's novel, In Loco Parentis is now available. 
Nigel is one of the best new authors around in Britain today and having read many of his short stories and his brilliant novella Smoke, I have pushed aside my huge TBR list and put this one right at the top! Go grab this novel for yourself today so that you can smile sweetly when everybody else starts to rave about In Loco Parentis! How cool will that be!

So what's it all about? John Campion is the kind of teacher that any child would want for their class. He's also the kind of teacher that lots of mothers want to have. And some of them do. His impulsive nature, dedication to his pupils and his love of women lead him into a chain of events that would cause even the most consummate professional to unravel. 

You can read what Nigel says himself about In Loco Parentis here- take a look.

 Sea Minor


Nigel Bird said...

Many thanks Fiona.

I have a question for you on the cover (I know you're a whizz at these things). Does that wobbly lettering work or look odd?

Thoughts welcome.

Fiona Johnson said...

I loved the lettering and the colours Nigel - gives it that real retro feel that's popular just now - the only thing that I'm unsure about is the graphic - doesn't tell me anything about the story - other than something dark happens. but as a cover, it works.