Monday, 21 May 2012

Burning Bridges Anthology - What would You Burn? by McDroll
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If you've not come across this brilliant anthology of short stories yet then where the heck have you been? Burning Bridges brings together a group of writers who have all had their fingers burned - not 3rd degree burns, but slightly singed at the edges. To prove that we all have a positive belief in our future as writers, we decided to put our joint talent together in an anthology.

It's pure dead brilliant!

We all get really mad at times, I know that I do - totally frustrated with the stupidity of the world that I live in. If I could get away with it and nobody would get hurt...these are the ten things that I would burn!!

10. Mobile Phone Shops - they are everywhere, taking up space on high streets around the country. No matter how many balloons they put up outside, I will never be tempted to go in. Too many deals, too confusing - life is too short to try to understand that kind of rubbish.

9. Hair Straighteners - I hate to see so many young girls waste so much of their time and energy trying to get perfectly straight hair. Get a life!

8. Tanning Salons - should be banned, melanoma is a terrible and deadly disease.

7. Cigarettes - I'd burn every last box of these dirty and disgusting poisonous, chemically laden cancer sticks.

6. High-Heeled Shoes - women's feet are not designed to be at such a ridiculous angle.

5. Spam - not the email kind but the pink stuff that my mum used to pretend was meat when I was a child.

4. Celebrity Biographies - pile them up and burn them all.

3. Peacocks - the big ones that are allowed to roam free in parks, zoos and other such places that families go to for outings. They stalk me and I end up being a nervous wreck, running to the car for sanctuary.

2. Gyms - Places of torture that cause injury - burn the lot!

1. Hairdressers - my idea of torture. Why does the hairdresser insist on asking me inane questions when I haven't got my glasses on so can't see her lips move and the hairdryer is buzzing in my ears and I can't hear her? Burn the lot - cut your hair at home - if it's a mess, don't worry, it will grow back!

What's your top ten? Go for it!

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