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Are Reviews Important to Writers? by McDroll BUY IT HERE!

Digital publishing has many advantages for writers because with only a little bit of technical wizardry a book can be offered for sale very quickly. Ensuring that the published article is quality writing, for readers brave enough to make that all important purchase, is much more strenuous and requires the writer to employ copious amounts of elbow grease to ensure the highest standard of editing  with every apostrophe and careless typo fixed before the 'upload' button is clicked.

As well as sales, writers are passionate about receiving reviews not only to encourage other readers to buy but also to validate the effort and angst that went into the writing process.

A review doesn't need to be long, a couple of well composed sentences will do but just occasionally someone will take the time to write a review that 'blows your socks off,' as Nigel Bird very kindly said about my review of his first novel, In Loco Parentis.

I had a similar experience when I received the following fantastic 5 * review for my short story collection KICK IT TOGETHER! and I am extremely delighted that T. Anwar Clark took the time to give me such encouragement.

If you've never written a review before then I would encourage you to have a go, it's not difficult to set up and for all the writers everywhere who sit and pound at the keys, you will be giving them a boost of energy to keep producing the writing that you love so much.

Review of KICK IT TOGETHER by T. Anwar Clark

KICK IT TOGETHER was a great read all the way through. McDroll's storytelling is most unique and original; her voice is catchy and accented. All the stories in this read stand on their own, and will have you convinced that these events can happen to the best of us.

(My personal favorite)Unrest: A mother and her daughter's worst nightmare comes to reality at the end of a war. (I wish this story was a full-length novel by itself... The read was very interesting; and so moving that I wish I could have jumped in the pages to help out the mother and daughter. It seemed as if the author had really been in the situation (I hope not) and I visualized the entire setting and surroundings as it was described(when I do that, it's movie worthy, to me.)) It was the shortest story, but the one, in my opinion, that was the best.

A Straight Game: The first story. It shows just how fast something small can escalate into a gigantic, unwarranted flop of destruction when children are at play. you would never expect what happens until you get there.

No More Choices: Cora is a single mother in a tight situation. This story is thrilling as it is mysterious, and left off with a cliff-hanger... I'm still questioning myself, wondering what McDroll has planned for Cora's future; or if Cora has a future. A story that will ensure you that (Whatever you're thinking) you're not alone in these troubling times.

Number 74: Very intriguing, special and heartwarming when it's all said and done. This story should, very much, be converted into a novel ... Starbucks is a good place to meet people, but it's who you will meet there that gets this story rolling :) To get into detail would be a spoiler in its own. But I will say, this story, to me, ties with, Unrest.

The Red Glove: Gemma is an extreamly likable and humorous, stand-out character with a pleasant appeal who appears more than once in this novel. I enjoyed reading her stories with the C.I.D. and I hope the author continues to write more about Gemma's adventures

It Takes Years of Training: Gemma is quite funny, but realistic. She really knows how to bring the heat. Johns beware! lmao

I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good and fast read filled with action, thrills, drama and horror; for all of the stories hold their own weight, they're all different, and the author will hold your attention every step of the way. Well written, stand-out characters, interesting, beautifully detailed settings, straight to the point; and was only 0.99 cents at the time I purchased it.

I also have 'The Wrong Delivery I & II' by McDroll, and plan to read those next.

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Graham Smith said...

Great post McDroll.

Reviews are very definitely important to us writers as they give us an incredible buzz and validate all the unseen hard work that goes into our writing.

Andrez Bergen said...

Nice post, F, and great sentiments. I've got to find the time to do more reviews myself! ;)

Nigel Bird said...

Hi Fiona. Reviews, especially the positive ones, are extremely important to me. What yours did when I saw it was take away huge layers of self-doubt and anxiety from my body. The fact that I knew what you meant and that you picked up on the things I'd have wanted to see made it doubly satisying. It seriously helped me through a precarious time and I can't thank you enough.
Tip then, is to go out and drop a line about the books you like - these things make a difference.
I also have a new review policy - if I don't like a book, I'll stop reading it and I won't post one. 3 Stars would be my minimum, unless the book was a huge best-seller already; I couldn't bear to bring someone down too far with my words. It's a cop out, but it's a comporomise I'm happy with.
Good post, Fi. Thanks.

Fiona Johnson said...

Thanks so much Nigel. My policy is much the same as yours. If I don't like a book - usually because of the quality of writing rather than the subject matter etc, I just don't comment on it. People put their heart and soul into their writing and I just couldn't bring them down for trying.