Monday, 23 April 2012

World Book Night - Sure Fire Winners!

Want some sure fire winners for World Book Night and beyond? I've made a top 10 list of must read, sure fire winners for your delight!

So here goes - feel free to agree or disagree!

1. John Grisham  
  The Confession 
A man days away from execution on death row - but is he actually innocent?  Amazon UK

A few years ago I devoured every Grisham novel I could get my hands on. I love the amount of detail that Grisham goes into and all of the trial scenes at the end of each book.

2. P.D. James 
  Death in Holy Orders 
The body of a student at the college is found on the shore, suffocated by a fall of sand. Dalgleish is called upon to re-examine the verdict of accidental death. Amazon UK

I love a good murder mixed up with religion and that what you get here. If you like Dalgleish then there's a whole lot of other books for you to discover!

3. Anita Shreve  
Set in German-occupied Belgium in 1943-44, the harrowing tale of Nazi occupation. Amazon UK

Anita Shreve will wring every amount of emotion out of you in this truly ghastly tale which sadly for some was experienced during the Second World War. This book will live with you forever.

4. Charlie Huston  
  The Shotgun Rule 
Find out what happens when ordinary teenagers stumble upon a a crank lab. Amazon UK

Get right into the mind of teenagers in this superbly written story. If you enjoy this then there's plenty more Huston to go around, one of my favourite writers.

5. Robert Crais  
  The Monkey's Raincoat  
Take a trip down the seedy side of Hollywood.
Amazon UK

By the end of this one, you will either be an Elvis or a Joe Pike fan. Lots of humour and violence moved together with great descriptions of America.

6. Roddy Doyle  
  The Woman Who Walked    into Doors
Harsh, gritty, emotional - a woman trapped in a cycle of domestic abuse. Amazon UK

Superb writing from Roddy Doyle who gets into the mind of an abused woman.

7. Peter Hill 
Evocative story of a man's time spent in remote Scottish lighthouses Amazon UK

This is just one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. If you've ever wanted to get away from it all then this is a great read for you. Lots of humour and you can locate all the lighthouses around Scotland before it all went mechanised.

8. Stuart Maconie  
   Pies and Prejudice 
If you lived through and survived the 70s then you'll love this!
Amazon UK

I'm the same age as Stuart and his reminiscences of his love of music as he grew up made me laugh so much. Excellent!

9. D.B.C. Pierre  
  Vernon God Little 
A teenager becomes blamed for a murder and then wrapped up in the subsequent media frenzy. Amazon UK

This is a classic. You can smell the Texas heat as you mingle with some of the most appalling characters. Don't miss this one please!

10. Sean Chercover 
    Big City Bad Blood 
Private detective Ray dudgeon is one of the most sympathetic private eyes around and you can't help hope that everything works out for him as he races around Chicago. Amazon UK

One of my favourite detectives, I feel so sorry for him and he brings out my motherly instincts. Brilliant story too!

I chose these books on the basis that I've never mentioned them anywhere before on my blog! Try them out and see what you think but I assure you, they are all worth your attention. Thanks for checking them out!

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Carol Wills said...

What a great line up Fiona, this list is going on my wish list for the winter.

Carol x