Friday, 6 April 2012

The Crime Interviews Vol. II by Len Wanner

Straight from The Heath today they've Blasted out Volume II of the spectacular Crime Interviews, Len Wanner,
interviewer to the stars of Scottish crime fiction, explains why this is an unmissable collection. You may be surprised!

"Why read THE CRIME INTERVIEWS? - Because you'll find out how Ian Rankin went from Scottish midlist to international celebrity, why Stuart MacBride likes to write in his birthday suit, what makes Allan Guthrie cry at his favourite movie, time and time again, what Helen FitzGerald did with Allan Guthrie's ovaries, what Quintin Jardine does to dead chauffeurs, what attracts Tony Black to ladies' race cars, when Denise Mina joined the clown army... and so much more." Len Wanner

The Crime Interviews Volume II

Crack open this volume to find an Easter Eggstravaganza of the best Scottish talent around!

  • William McIlvanney 
  • Tony Black
  • Doug Johnstone
  • Helen FitzGerald
  • Quintin Jardine
  • Gordon Ferris
  • Craig Russell
  • Douglas Lindsay
  • Ray Banks
  • Denise Mina
Len Wanner's interviews go deep under the skin, he possibly use hypnosis, and the revelations are illuminating and surprising. Don't miss out!

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