Sunday, 29 April 2012

Burning Bridges - Red Hot Anthology!

It's been an extremely exciting weekend for me with two of my short stories appearing in 
a couple of wonderful new anthologies that have just been published.

First on the shelf was True Brit Grit where you can read 'Never Ending' alongside other stories by some amazing writers including Allan Guthrie, Howard Linskey, Tony Black and Ray Banks amongst others.

Burning Bridges, fresh out of the wrapper today, is an anthology that I am very proud to be part of and again there is a hot line up of writers.  

It's a collection of 15 short stories from 15 top-notch indie authors with a "burning bridges" theme. Ben Sobiek and Heath Lowrance put in an amazing amount of work with formatting and gathering submissions for this fine collection. I was delighted to be given the privilege of designing the cover with help from the whole group. What a brilliant team of people to work with! I hope you enjoy the collection.


Julia Madeleine
K.A. Laity
Mark Cooper
Darren Sant
Allan Leverone
Paul D. Brazill
George S. Geisinger
Edith M. Maxwell
Benjamin Sobieck
Tace Baker
Joshua J. Mark
L. Vera
B.R. Stateham
Heath Lowrance

There are two versions available. One is free. The other is 99 cents/ 77p and will benefit the non-profit group, Literacy for Incarcerated Teens.

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